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Desktop Backgrounds contains a growing and varied collection of desktop computer wallpaper backgrounds, memes, and animated GIFs.   This site is a personal hobby and is a continuing work in progress.  Images are available for download via a download link located below each image.  Each wallpaper and animated gif download contains two files of the image in different sizes; 1920 x 1200 pixels and 1280 x 900 pixels, while each meme download contains one image 600×400 pixel in size.  Besides working on desktop computers, they will also work on laptops.  Though they have not been optimized for cell phones, most images found here should work on newer model smart phones as well.

Abstract, Funny, NFL, Political Wallpapers and more

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President Donald J. Trump Sketch Background

Desktop Backgrounds contains a wide variety of wallpapers; abstract wallpaper backgrounds, funny wallpaper backgrounds, political wallpaper backgrounds, NFL wallpaper backgrounds and more can be found here.

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Praise Friday!

Please feel free to leave any comments on the desktop background pages.  Also feel free to contact me with any question or suggestions, and let me know if you run into any issues with any downloads.  I check the site regularly and will do my best to respond or solve any issues as soon as possible.



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